GWA To Percentage Converter Philippines – Accurate & Fast Conversion

If you’re a student in a Philippines educational institute, you must be familiar with the GWA term. GWA is the most common grading system in colleges and universities in the Philippines. However, when it comes to converting the grade from GWA to percentage, you just need a credible and accurate source to convert it.

Here we come to a GWA to percentage converter that assists you in converting your GWA in percentage within a single click.  

GWA to Percentage Converter

GWA to Percentage Converter

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What is a GWA to Percentage Converter?

The GWA to percentage converter is an online calculator or tool that does exactly what it says! A percentage is calculated based on your GWA score. 

This converter handles all calculations for you, using the correct formula based on the GWA scale your institution uses.

Why Use a GWA to Percentage Converter

Here are some reasons why you should use the online GWA percentage calculator below.

  • Understanding Grade Equivalents: In every other institute around the world, they use different kinds of grading systems which can be confusing for others if they are not familiar with it. When it comes to percentage, it’s used everywhere and can put the grade in a context that can be easily understandable. 
  • Scholarship and University Applications: Many universities and job hirers require or prefer to provide grades in percentages. This converter will help you provide accurate information.
  • Personal Tracking: Converting your GWA to percentage will help you identify areas where you need additional improvements.

How to Use a GWA to Percentage Converter

Using a GWA to percentage converter is quick and straightforward to use.

1 – Input your GWA 

To calculate your percentage from GWA, enter your GWA in the input field carefully which must lie between the valid GWA range.

If you enter the wrong entry, the converter will show the error message in the popup.

2 – Hit the “Convert” button

Once you enter your correct GWA, now click the button “convert” and it will show the grade in the form of a percentage.


Let’s assume your GWA is 2.70 and the grading scale your school is using is 5 then the result of the value that you input in the form of a percentage will be between 68-70%.


This GWA to percentage converter is a handy, accurate, and credible calculator that provides quick results to avoid going through the manual process of converting percentages.

After converting the GWA, you will be able to understand your performance conveniently and improve where you are lacking in your academic performance. 


GWA or General Weighted Average is a grading system used in Philippines Schools, Colleges, and Universities to evaluate the student’s progress in academics year or semester. you can calculate you GWA using this online calculator from here. GWA Calculator

To calculate your GWA in percentage, you can use this online tool to convert from GWA to percentage.

Converting your GWA to GPA is super easy. All you need is to use this tool GWA to GPA Converter or follow the formula.

GPA = (GWA / GWA Scale) * 4.0