Grading System At Wesleyan University Philippines – Quick Guide

Wesleyan University is a higher education institute in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines providing preschool, grade school, high school undergraduate and graduate programs.

If you’re a student or considering taking admission in WU, you need to understand the grading system at Wesleyan University Philippines to analyze your academic journey.

In this blog post, you will go through how the grading system of Wesleyan University works and how you can survive to secure good marks.

How Grading System Work at Wesleyan University?

In WU, the progress of students in a particular course is evaluated by either letter grade(A-F) or by designated credits(Cr) or by Unsatisfactory(U).

At the discretion of the instructor, students are restricted in a single course grade mode or they may allowed to select anyone from both modes. However, this will only be valid before the 14-day drop/add semester. After that, the student will not allowed to select mode optionally.

However once the credit/unsatisfactory is used, the course instructor has to submit the student’s progress to the office registrar.

A student’s progress of work in the form of letter grades is as follows.

Letter GradeTopWesleyan grade point valueLowest4.0 GPA Equivalent4.3 GPA Equivalent

This is not the standard chart for students of WU to evaluate their coursework grading. For more accurate information, it’s better to discuss with a subject professor regarding the grade calculation criteria. 

The purpose of this grading chart is only used for converting the letter representation to numeric value.

You can use this online GWA calculator to find your overall General Weighted Average. GWA Calculator


The grading system at Wesleyan University provides a clear and concise representation of student academic progress. The letter mode including plus/minus grading differentiates the student’s coursework and progress during the academic journey. 

However, it’s important to consult with faculty members or course instructors to get accurate information in return for grade calculation.

The chart given above just provides the letter representation to the numeric value to get the rough value into GPA.


Letter grade (A-F) and Credit(Cr) or Unsatisfactory are two different grading modes used at Wesleyan University Philippines. 

To calculate GPA, you have to multiply the grade point value of each course by the number of credit hours for that course. After that, you need to add up all these values and divide by the total number of credit hours taken. Once you go through these steps, you will get your GPA.

The average high GPA is 3.9 to appear in the selection list which is competitively high and if you have GPA lower then you have to compensate on SAT/ACT score.