The GWA Calculator Online is a tool designed to assist users in calculating Grade Weighted Averages (GWA) for academic purposes. While we strive to provide accurate and reliable calculations, it is essential to acknowledge the following disclaimer:

  1. Accuracy of Data:
    • The GWA Calculator relies on the data input by users, including grades and credit hours. Users are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided. Discrepancies in input data may result in inaccurate GWA calculations.
  2. Educational Institution Policies:
    • The GWA Calculator is intended for general use and may not account for specific grading policies or variations in educational institutions. Users are encouraged to verify with their respective institutions to ensure compatibility with local grading systems.
  3. Not a Substitute for Official Transcripts:
    • The GWA Calculator is a supplementary tool and should not be considered a substitute for official transcripts or academic records provided by educational institutions. Official records remain the authoritative source for academic standing.
  4. Dynamic Educational Systems:
    • Educational systems and grading policies may undergo changes. While we strive to keep the GWA Calculator updated, users should be aware that discrepancies may occur due to alterations in grading standards or policies.
  5. No Liability for Consequences:
    • The creators of the GWA Calculator shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from the use of calculated GWAs, including but not limited to academic decisions, admissions, or employment outcomes.

In conclusion, while the GWA Calculator Online offers valuable assistance in GWA calculations, users are advised to use the tool responsibly, verify its compatibility with local grading systems, and rely on official transcripts for authoritative academic records.