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If you’re a student in the Philippines, chances are you’re well-versed in the GWA system – the General Weighted Average used to calculate your academic success. But what if you want to apply for a scholarship abroad, or transfer to an international university? Suddenly, you’re plunged into the mysterious world of GPA, the Grade Point Average. While similar, these two systems are not directly interchangeable, adding a layer of complexity to academic planning.

That’s where a GWA to GPA converter comes in handy. This simple tool is the key to understanding your academic performance on a global scale. It helps you confidently apply to programs with GPA requirements, assess your eligibility for scholarships, and compare your achievements to international standards.

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GWA to GPA Converter

GWA to GPA Converter

What Is GWA And GPA – Is GPA And GWA The Same?

GWA(General Weighted Average) and GPA(Grade Point Average) both are used to evaluate student academic performance in education institutes but both are calculated differently and used in different education systems.

GWA (General Weighted Average):

GWA or General Weighted Average is widely used in Philippines Colleges and Universities to evaluate students’ academic performance.

In GWA systems, the scale usually starts from 1.0 to 5.0 in most of the institutes. Each grade is multiplied by the number of credit hours for the respective course before averaging, giving more weight to courses with higher credit values.

GPA (Grading Point Average):

GPA or Grading Point Average is a more recognized educational performance measuring system often used in different countries.

The GPA scale range typically begins from 0.0 to 4.0 to calculate the grade average point of a specific period which could be a semester or academic year.

Reasons to Convert from GWA to GPA?

Converting from GWA to GPA is often necessary for several reasons listed below.

  • Widely Recognized: GPA is a widely recognized metric around the world that is used in different educational institutes. Converting from GWA to GPA gives a more standardized evaluation in educational systems.
  • Easier Comparison: Compared to GWA, GPA provides an easier comparison for students of different education systems.
  • Application Requirements: GPA is always an application process while applying for jobs, scholarships, or academic programs in different countries. Converting the GWA to GPA ensures to meet these requirements.
  • Transparency: Converting from GWA to GPA makes the academic transcript easier to understand and familiar for individuals, especially international students.

How To Convert GWA To GPA?

Follow the below guide to compute or convert the GWA to GPA in just a few steps. The guide also contains how to calculate your General Weighted Average.

  • First of all collect all the data related to academic records e.g. subject, subject grade, and credit hours or units. Use this GWA Calculator Online to calculate the GWA.
  • Once you compute your GWA, now using this GWA to GPA converter, select an appropriate scale range e.g. 5 scale or 4 scale according to your institute, and enter the GWA in the input fields.
  • After entering all the required details, hit the convert button and get the result.

GWA To GPA Converter Formula

You can also use the following formula to convert the GWA to GPA.

Formula for 4.00 grading scale:

GPA = (GWA / GWA Scale) * 4.0

Formula for 5.00 grading scale:

GPA = (GWA / GWA Scale) * 4.0

For example, if we convert the 1.5 GWA to GPA for a 5 grading scale, it can be calculated as follows.

GPA=(1.5/5)4=0.3 * 4.0 = 1.2

Using the converter, you can follow the below guide.


In the above screenshot, the interface of the converter for GWA to GPA equivalent is visible. You just need to enter your GWA in the input fields. However, if you enter the GWA outside the range( the range is 1.0 to 5.0 in the 5 scale range and 0.0 to 4.0 for the 4 scale), it will not give you the result and show the error message.


Once you enter the GWA, now hit the convert button and the result will be shown below the converter container..



Converting your GWA to GPA is important, especially for Philippines students who are willing to apply for abroad education or transparency for a widely recognizable and easy-to-understand grading system.

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