GPA to GWA Converter Philippines 2024 – Simple Yet Effective

Are you still wondering how to convert from GPA to GWA? Here is the simple yet effective GPA to GWA converter.

Here we have complete guide on GPA and GWA, how you can convert it through a calculator and manually using the formula.

All you need is to enter the GPA and get a score in GWA within a few seconds.

GPA to GWA Converter

GPA to GWA Converter

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What is GPA and GWA –  What is Difference between them?

GPA also knows is Grade Point Average that is recognized globally to measure the student academics performance in the scale of 1.0 to 4.0 whereas the GWA also called General Weighted Average is also used to assess the academics success or failure in the scale range of 1.0 to 5.0 that is typically used in the Philippines.

AspectGeneral Weighted Average (GWA)Grade Point Average (GPA)
DefinitionMethod used in the Philippines to calculate overall academic performanceNumerical representation of overall academic performance
ExampleConsideration of grades from different courses with varying weightsConversion of letter grades into a numerical scale
PurposeAssess academic progress, considering varying importance of coursesProvide a standardized measure of academic achievement
Data SourceGrades from coursework, exams, etc., with respective credit unitsGrades from coursework, exams, assignments, etc.
OutcomeRepresentation of student’s academic standing within the systemQuantitative measure of student’s overall performance
ApplicationsUsed for scholarships, admission to programs, academic assessmentsCollege admissions, scholarships, employment applications

How to Convert GPA to GWA?

To convert the GPA to GWA can be done both manually or using the GPA to GWA converter. 

For manually, you just need to use the formula below which is dividing the GPA by the GPA Scale and multiplying by 5. 

Formula to Convert GPA to GWA

GWA=(GPA/GPA Scale)*5.0

For example, if you score a 3.5 GPA, let’s calculate it through a formula.



How to Convert GPA to GWA – Step by Step Guide 

To convert the GPA to GWA, all you need to do is enter your GPA in the input field and you’ll get your result instantly.

GPA to GWA converter SS1

Once you enter the GPA now click on the button convert.



Converting from GPA to GWA will give you an idea or overview of academic performance in GWA. Using this simple and easy to use converter can give you quick result upon your input GPA or you can use the formula given.